One thought on “NSA Whistleblower John Tye Explains Executive Order 12333”

  1. What else can the public say, the light is on? the fight is on? nothing is done by pork barreling job creation machine in Utah and everyplace else that would allow such a beast of a project in their borders, the workers are all patsies for a few crumbs of pay – but if scrupulous leaders existed in the first place, no such projects would ever be given the green light. The problem of Reagan, and every other puppet like him that mindlessly approve such projects, is where the actual problem stems from. When the country gets sick and tired of such b**s, it will vote in people who will make a change. Electing 50% women to run this country will be a start, all of them are so pissed off at the GOP and its machine, with a fury of having been scorned for the past two thousand years of GOP dogma, they are willing wipe clean the stain of all the lies told about them and all the lies used to mind-control an entire population, just give them the fn chance and see it happen. But we know the GOP does all it can to prevent that, and the NSA is their tool to prevent just that. Wake up American, send the boy club packing, they’ve lost completely any trust ever placed in them for being a bunch of anti-constitution, war mongering, swine. Also, its known they are harassing activists of all kinds, which is another reason to send them packing, for violation of civil and human rights.

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