Turn Out & Testify: Cambridge Public Safety Committee Public Hearing, 10/18, 6:30pm

Do you think the Cambridge Police Department should obtain invasive surveillance equipment like drones and facial recognition technology, in secret? We don’t.

That’s why we, along with the ACLU of Massachusetts and other allies, are working to pass a local ordinance in Cambridge to require a transparent and democratic process before police can purchase new surveillance equipment. Community input and transparency are critical to ensure new technologies don’t get out ahead of our constitutional rights.

Join us on Wednesday, October 18 at Cambridge City Hall at 6:30pm for the Public Safety Committee Hearing, to learn about the ordinance and raise your voice in support of these commonsense protections.

As Cambridge residents, it’s important to be informed and engaged in the conversation about what Cambridge police are doing, and why. Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Turn Out & Testify: Cambridge Public Safety Committee Public Hearing, 10/18, 6:30pm”

  1. You guys are great. It’s sickening how we’re being violated now. I wish there was equipment we could use that could shut down the gathering of our biometrics from this new equipment. None of this equipment has anything to do with stopping terrorism other than to invade people’s privacy, terrorize peaceful people who are living their lives, causing no trouble and minding their own business. To use this equipment lawfully there needs to be probable cause and a Warrant directed at specific individuals involved (described in the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution). Pass these thoughts along at the meeting since I will not be there as I’ve moved to Greece. I dread the USSA (United Surveillance States of America). I wish we had Ron Paul or Rand Paul as U.S. President, they’d put an end to this nonsense on day one of their terms!

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