#MassWiretap Campaign Breaks 3,000 Signatures After Just 7 Days

The #MassWiretap campaign to prevent passage of a bill that would greatly loosen Massachusetts’ wiretapping laws has reached over 3,000 signatures after only seven days. And today, our partners at Demand Progress, the advocacy group founded by Aaron Swartz, have launched their part of the petition campaign. David Segal, Demand Progress’s Executive Director, had this to say:

“For this to happen less than a month after the revelations of NSA spying is an outrage. To make matters worse, the bill they’re considering wouldn’t just expand wiretapping – it also gets rid of a clause that makes privacy a crucial constraint on lawmaking. That tells us that our lawmakers know this expansion is a grave danger to our privacy, but that they don’t think that’s important anymore. Right now, Massachusetts has some of the strongest privacy protections on wiretapping. Let’s keep it that way.”


[UPDATE] 600 new signatures from Demand Progress in the first hour of their petition!
[UPDATE x 2] Another 510 signatures by 6pm from Demand Progress and now BORDC too, takes us over 3,000!

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