Quick Update:: Lockdown Lifted, and There is Lots to Come

So we’re out from under the lockdown, and plenty happened while we were “requested” to stay inside. This has been an extraordinary week here in Massachusetts, and we’ll be dealing with the implications of it for some time to come.

Our congratulations go to the members of the public who provided crucial information that helped catch bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Congratulations also to law enforcement, for proceeding cautiously in apprehending Tsarnaev, resulting in his being taken alive.

Coming up on warrantless.org:

– A two-part discussion of the Fourth Amendment relating to the Boston Marathon attacks, covering racialized “reasonable suspicion”, the case of the Saudi student, and the constitutionality of refusing entry to law enforcement conducting a house-to-house search.
– An update on Wednesday night’s upcoming BU-PAO panel discussion on privacy and security

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