Close the Fusion Centers, Free the American People

by Alex Marthews on March 27, 2013

[Artwork adapted slightly from Leo Reynolds on Flickr] After the 9/11 attacks, a traumatized nation considered whether the attacks could have been thwarted by coordinating intelligence-gathering better between the FBI and CIA. From that impulse grew the fusion centers, of which there are now at least 72 77 86 across the country. Us lucky SOBs here […]

Aaron Swartz, RIP: Overcriminalization Claims Another Victim

by Alex Marthews on January 16, 2013

There are no words to describe the loss to the world of brilliant technologist Aaron Swartz, who killed himself this weekend at the age of 26. Aaron had already helped to develop RSS and Reddit, worked to stop the Stop Online Piracy Act, and was deeply involved in Internet activism. He could easily have devoted […]